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Letter: Let’s start building a better light rail

Let’s start building a better light rail

Buffalo is on the rebound, with historic buildings being updated, people moving into downtown, new jobs, Canalside and new buildings.

Now is the time to extend the light rail to the airport and farther to a park-and-ride on Transit Road. For the Amherst extension, a modern streetcar line makes more sense as it avoids an expensive short extension of the subway.

The line could begin at the South Campus station upper level to provide easy access to the campus and the light rail. The line would travel out to the Amherst Campus, entering by the stadium. Then it could exit onto Maple Road and end at the rear of the Boulevard Mall. This would connect the Amherst, South and Medical campuses and also provide access to shopping.

More studies are a waste of time and money. Let’s start construction and upgrade our area’s transportation to the 21st century.

Richard Olday


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