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Cuomo should have to face a better GOP candidate

Rob Astorino’s announcement of his intent to run for governor is a joke. Those of us in New York who would vote for a Republican or Conservative might just as well stay home.

Astorino had all he could do to get elected in Westchester County. So what is he thinking? Gov. Andrew Cuomo should get another four years to finish New York off. It sure seems that those in this state have forgotten the glory years his father gave us.

Four more years of Cuomo, Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos will put New York into bankruptcy. Mayor Bill de Blasio with his social programs will be able to fix New York City. Those 5,000 wealthy citizens who pay more than one-third of all city taxes will have moved away.

Cuomo is right. Those conservative, gun-toting taxpaying New Yorkers don’t belong here. There are other states that will welcome them, their businesses, families and tax dollars.

There are those who think Cuomo’s campaign reform will work. But the governor doesn’t talk about his $33 million war chest. Oh, that’s right. This is legal. But just like his abortion plan it is unethical and unjust and also immoral.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer

North Collins

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