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Letter: Bishop needs to admit that he made a mistake

Bishop needs to admit that he made a mistake

A March 6 letter writer took issue with an individual who questioned Bishop Richard Malone’s school closings list. My response is this: it doesn’t mean the bishop is right, either.

I take issue with anyone who tells me that he undertook three years of “intense discussions and research” and somehow still decided to close the last school in Tonawanda with no plan for busing those children to the next-closest Catholic school.

I take issue with any person who sees “no compelling reason” to leave open either school in Elma despite requiring those children to take 90-minute bus rides one way (with transfers) to get to their closest new Catholic schools.

And I take issue with anybody who closes two schools in the Hamburg area that met all the alleged diocesan “criteria” to stay open, but are being told to close without the bishop or any of his advisers ever setting foot in those schools.

The writer did not mention if he has children in Catholic education. I do. He seems to espouse unity. That is very interesting, because we are united. We are united in the belief that our bishop from Maine made a mistake and is now trying to simply say “take my word for it” when questioned.

Richard R. Charlap Jr., D.D.S.


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