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Downtown Buffalo workers dress for storm, likely to head home early

Mike O’Connor is ready for whatever winter dishes out today.

He began the day at his Orchard Park home, casting aside his business suit and suiting up in jeans, boots and a turtleneck before heading to his downtown Buffalo law office.

In the trunk of his automobile, he stashed oversize ski gloves, a heavily insulated hat and a one-piece Carhartt jumpsuit, just in case the weather forecast proved to be as ominous as promised.

Like many other downtown workers who came in this morning, O’Connor said he is also planning to bail out early and return home after putting in a half-day.

“I’m going to finish the work day at home on my laptop computer,” O’Connor said.

With the snow steadily falling by mid-morning, winds picking up over 30 mph and temperatures dropping, it seemed everyone who showed up for work downtown had a game plan to cope with the coming blizzard.

Kate Strittmatter said she took Metro Rail into work downtown and was counting on it to return her back home.

“I don’t live too far from the train station, so I’m hoping to get home all right,” Strittmatter said as she sipped a coffee with a friend in the downtown Buffalo Coffee Roastery, which is normally packed as people arrive for work, but was nearly empty today.

Nate Johnson said the shop was anything but booming.

“My elbow is getting sore,” Johnson said as he leaned against the counter.

Barista Sherri Miller said the prospect of a blizzard excited her.

“I don’t mind the snow storm one bit. I belong in Buffalo,” Miller said. “Blizzards are kind of exciting. They bring people together and create stories.”

A West Side resident, Miller added that her rosy view of winter is possible because she does not drive.

“I could even walk home from work today if I wanted. I only live three miles away,” she said.

And she might get an early start, according to coworker Victor Casiano.

“We’re probably going to be closing early today,” he said.

He too said he does not mind the prospect of another winter pounding, though he lamented having to shovel out a section of his backyard for his dog.

“I shovel it because I love my dog,” Casiano said.

Attorney Anne Wheeler, a North Collins resident who works at the Main Place Tower, said if travel was impossible this afternoon, she would either make arrangements to stay with friends in town, “or sleep at my desk.”


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