YOUNGSTOWN – The whipping winds of a winter storm stood in their way, but those in search of something to eat and drink on Wednesday plowed towards their destinations despite the blizzard conditions.

The Jeffords family of Youngstown were on their way to visit their grandmother when they made a stop at the Rite Aid on Lockport Street.

They came to pick up a prescription and to buy some Pepsi.

“I haven’t seen it like this in a long time,” Darlene Jeffords said of the conditions as she waited in her car.

What were people buying a lot at the Rite Aid throughout the day? Candy, coffee and beer, employees said.

“Things they don’t want to get caught without,” an employee named Valerie said.

Next door at Melloni’s Marketplace, there was a slow but steady stream of customers, said co-owner Diane Melloni.

Connie Gildner of Youngstown stopped by Melloni’s around 4 p.m. searching for a special baking ingredient - rye flour.

Her daughter needs it for her job as a pastry chef in Niagara Falls, Gildner said. With no luck at Melloni’s, she’s headed to Tops in Lewiston.

Gildner said she’s not intimidated by the weather. She’s got a four-wheel-drive truck and plenty of experience with snow.

“I come from North Dakota so this is nothing,” she said.


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