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At Youngstown diner, a full crowd and a whiteout view

YOUNGSTOWN – The Village Diner on Main Street was buzzing around lunchtime.

“I guess people get cabin fever,” said waitress Maureen Olson, who only came in to work because someone else had to go home.

The windows at the back of the diner, which usually offer a spectacular panoramic view of the Lower Niagara River, on Wednesday afternoon showcased near whiteout conditions.

Aside from a few chunks of ice floating near the shore and a small city of masts reaching out toward the sky from drydocked sail boats, the view beyond was blocked by blowing snow.

Business has been good at the diner despite the storm, with the counter nearly full shortly after noon.

“We can’t complain for it being a lousy day,” Olson said.

Don Jeffords took a lunch break from the barber shop across the street to grab some food at the diner.

“I was in the mood for a cup of hot chocolate. It’s so cold,” Jeffords said.

Jeffords spent 46 winters in Redwood City, Calif., before moving back to the area four years ago.

This morning, the barber shop had three customers, despite the weather.

“I think they’re crazy myself,” he said.


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