“Magnum Opus II (the Bye-Bye),” a photograph by Laurie Simmons, is part of the exhibit “One Another: Spiderlike, I Spin Mirrors.”
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Sylvia Plath’s poem “Childless Woman,” six brief and terrifying stanzas written in the tortured voice of an infertile woman frustrated over her inability to bear children, served in part as inspiration for a new exhibition featuring influential female artists that recently opened in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (1285 Elmwood Ave.).

The show, “One Another: Spiderlike, I Spin Mirrors,” takes its title from that dark poem, as well as from a photograph by Janine Antoni. It features work drawn from the gallery’s collection, including selections by Antoni, Louise Bourgeois, Jeanne Dunning, Eva Hesse, Laurie Simmons and Hannah Wilke.

“An unspoken and extremely personal discourse plays out in the work of these artists, whether it is between lovers, siblings, a mother and her child, or even an individual and the natural environment,” curator Holly E. Hughes wrote of the exhibition. “In these works, the figure – animal, flora, or human – often becomes a vehicle to explore themes of empowerment, memory, self-preservation, sexuality, and transformation.”

The show continues through June 2. Admission is $5 to $10. Call 882-8700 or visit www.albrightknox.org.

– Colin Dabkowski

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