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Veterans should be ashamed to purchase foreign cars

Maybe I’m feeling overly patriotic today but when I look around in my travels I can’t help but sense that something has gone awry in America.

I am a disabled veteran, and I served my country from 1967 to 1969. During my basic and advanced  individual training we were instructed to serve our country. This meant to honor our flag and protect our country at all costs.  We lost many lives through the  various wars , but we were proud of our country.

Today those values seemed to disappear.  We drive around the country, flying our colors and our  insignias of our military affiliation. The only problem I see is that we are putting our so-called patriotism on foreign cars. To me, this is being a hypocrite. I can’t speak for the non-military but I am shocked to see veterans doing it. When did your patriotism end?

I frequently go to the VA hospital in Buffalo and am shocked to see so many foreign cars. I’m sorry, but there should be a separate parking area like they do in a lot of car manufacturing places such as Ford and Chevy.

Please don’t insult your country any more, and be a real patriot.

Joe Procakiewicz


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