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Letter: St. Mary met the criteria to allow it to remain open

St. Mary met the criteria to allow it to remain open

I was appalled by the March 6 letter accusing a writer of being rude and uncharitable because that person disagreed with the bishop’s decision to close St. Mary of the Lake School.

Many people fail to understand his decision and his refusal to respond to those who ask him to justify his conclusions. After all, he set criteria to be met for a school to remain open. St. Mary met those criteria.

The school is financially sound and has an increasing enrollment. It has been rated as the best middle school, public or private, in the county.

There is a list of families who want to enroll their children next year. The school is providing special education services to students who were denied admission to other Catholic schools. A significant number of students are from families living in poverty.

Nevertheless, the bishop has decreed that the school will close, despite the fact that he never visited the school, notified the staff of perceived deficiencies or presented an opportunity to correct same.

The letter writer states that Catholic schools are closing because of widespread dissent against key church teachings and disrespect for the church’s pope and bishops, leading to decreased financial support. This school has adherence to the teachings, respect for the pope and a high level of financial support.

If people are expected to follow the decrees of the bishop, he will have to communicate effectively with the Catholics of this diocese. Any leader, religious or governmental, must be willing to justify his actions. His actions thus far are not promoting the unity, diversity and charity the writer attributes to St. Augustine. 

Tom Hall


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