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A mystery ad, a happy Geraldo, the town’s worst potholes and outstanding holiday decor

Geraldo wings it

Geraldo Rivera made a stealth visit to town to be the guest speaker at a job fair at the Millennium Hotel. First he went to “frosty Niagara Falls,” to quote his Twitter feed. Next, speaking of feed, he went to, you guessed it, the Anchor Bar. Other folks can mock him for doing the touristy thing. Buzz applauds him. We, too, pay stealth visits to the Anchor Bar, where we enjoy the prices and portions. Geraldo tweeted a picture of himself posing with the bar’s weird figure of the woman holding a platter of wings. “With the Anchor Bar founder,” he wrote. And we hear that after that he made it to Ted’s. If he has time for one last stop, we just saw the Buffalo Brew Pub has this giant burger smothered with mushrooms and mozzarella and called the McStravaganza. How about a new city slogan: “You’re in Buffalo! Eat!”

Out sale-ing

Every year Buffalo should have Estate Sale Fest, which would mark the start of the 2014-15 estate sale season. Saturday, with the temperatures inching upward, it seemed we had liftoff. One sale in Snyder had interesting old sheet music – old waltzes by Irving Berlin, things like that. And we saw not one but two musicians! The first was stylish jazz chanteuse Kathy Beck. The second was bluegrass legend Jud Sunshine. There was a banjo case in the living room, and Buzz saw Sunshine open it, hopefully. The case was empty. Just as well, Sunshine said. “Any instrument left on the second day of the sale isn’t any good,” he sighed. Wise words to carry with us into the new shopping season. Every week we will get a little smarter.

Stop this winter …

We want to get off! Don’t you wish you could ride out the winter the way you ride the Metro Bus? You could pull a string and a recording would say, “Stop requested.” And it would stop! On the other hand, while summer brings out the boom cars, winter keeps people polite. Recently, when driving was dicey, Buzz rode the Elmwood bus. The lumbering, salt-smudged vehicle was packed but silent. People offered other people seats. Even a couple of little kids sat quietly. The silence was broken only when the tots’ mother shepherded them off the bus. Wobbling down the steps in her snowsuit, the one little girl turned and squeaked loudly to the driver: “Thank you for the ride!” The whole bus burst into appreciative laughter. The driver beamed. “You’re very welcome,” he said.

The buzz

More late-winter fun: spotting folks who, like us, hate taking down holiday decor. On Saturday, Buzz counted four wreaths, one menorah and one sleigh. … Also, fun to pinpoint the worst potholes. The most hole-y road: Hopkins, in Williamsville. … Speaking of holy, the Buffalo Mass Mob is taking off. There’s now a Rochester Mass Mob and a New York City Mass Mob, focused on bringing crowds to underattended churches. On Twitter, the Buffalo Mass Mob encouraged its downstate brethren. “You MOBSTERS!” they wrote. The New Yorkers responded: “LOL.”


“Blah, blah, blah. You’ll read anything.”

— Electronic billboard at Delaware and Chippewa

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