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LOCKPORT – An apartment on Akron Road was deemed uninhabitable by the Town of Lockport building inspector after a woman left a flood of standing water in her apartment.

On Saturday Niagara County sheriff’s and New York state police found an apartment building at 6728 Akron Road with standing water in the common hallway and steam coming from inside the apartment. Inside the apartment the hot water was found running and damage was found to the carpets, stove, garbage disposal and pipes.

Town of Lockport Building Inspector Brian Belson Sr. was called and deemed the apartment uninhabitable because of the conditions.

The landlord told deputies that he was alerted to the flooding water, but when he tried enter the apartment he found that the 42-year-old tenant had changed the locks without his permission. He said she just yelled obscenities and told him to go away.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived the tenant opened the door and was observed running the water throughout the apartment. She told deputies she had “some issue.” No arrest was reported.

The woman then left, taking most of her belongings.

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