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Rumore in Albany hospital recovering from fall

Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore has been laid up in an Albany hospital for a week with broken ribs and a possible punctured lung after slipping on ice outside his Buffalo home.

Rumore, 71, said he had a friend and her dog over for dinner the night of March 1 and was carrying the friend’s dog to her car parked on his salted rear driveway when he slipped on ice and landed hard on his back and side.

Speaking from his hospital room in Albany Medical Center, he said he ignored advice that he go to the hospital because he was supposed to catch a flight to Albany the next day. On Monday, he was expected to meet with the Western New York delegation and do lobbying work.

Instead, he said, he found himself in more and more pain throughout his Sunday flight and layover in Philadelphia. By the time he arrived at his hotel room in Albany, he said, he was feeling extremely ill and dizzy had to have someone drive him to the hospital at about 8 o’clock that night.

“I was in pretty bad shape,” he said. “I’m feeling better now. I can actually walk now.”

Doctors determined Rumore had four cracked or broken ribs and 1½ liters of fluid had to be drained from his chest cavity, he said. He hasn’t had a shower or shave since last Sunday, he said, and wasn’t able to walk at all until Friday.

Otherwise, he said, he’s doing OK on his own in Albany and a few people have dropped in to visit. He said that although he is improving, he doesn’t know when he will be discharged from the hospital or if he will be able to fly home, given the extent of his injuries.

He said he was relieved, however, that the dog that he was carrying when he fell last Saturday night is fine.


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