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Regimen for better health

Jo Ann Colosimo has worked in holistic health care for the last six years, helping people with hormone imbalances, chronic disease and weight control problems.

“These conditions are all interrelated in terms of nutrition,” said the adult nurse practitioner who works with Dr. Sylvia Regalla at Invision Health in Williamsville. The duo practice “functional medicine,” which is designed to use better eating, nutritional supplements and regular exercise as part of a regimen toward better health.

“I don’t think there’s any magic bullet for weight loss,” Colosimo said.

You call your eating style ‘modified Mediterranean.’ What’s it like?

I am sure to include the red and purple fruits, especially pomegranates, in my diet daily. I add berries to my protein drink each morning. My general rule of thumb is three meals plus two to three snacks daily and a protein with each. Dinner is protein, salad and a veggie. I go no longer than 2.5 to 3 hours between meals or snacks. I use olive, flax or grapeseed oil for salads and cooking. I also add flax and chia seeds to my salads as a source of omega-3s. The benefit of omega-3s as anti-inflammatories I think is just huge. I don’t do any caffeine. I drink filtered water and herbal teas. I include turmeric for its anti-inflammatory effects – especially for joints – and add cinnamon to foods to help with blood glucose balance.

— Scott Scanlon

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