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Letters for March 9

Playing for their jobs may give Sabres boost

It is strangely refreshing watching the Sabres play lately and not knowing if any of them will be here next season. No real job security. No contracts. Wondering perhaps if they’re good enough. More normal. More like the real world. Anyone for performance-based contracts instead of the current gobs of dollars thrown at unproven young talent?

One positive out of all the shenanigans in upper management of the Sabres is the players seem to be playing for the love of the game again and not for contracts. Lets face it from a players perspective. It’s not normal to be cashing a single game check for $10,000 or more. The revolving door that is the current state of the Sabres reflects a more normal situation in the surreal world of pro sports. Except for the pay.

Mike Ciko


Revolving trade door doesn’t bring much back

You know you have a bad hockey team when, at the trade deadline, it’s more interesting to know who is leaving your team then who is coming. Enough said.

Dale Slisz


LaFontaine leaving seems a bit surreal

I wake in the morning with the worst hangover ever. I sit and think, what did I do and who was I with? Then I realize that I am in Buffalo and it is another sports disaster.

This area is constantly put through these awful times and promised the world but nothing ever happens. I was so happy when Pat LaFontaine got here and the Sabres looked as if they were going to make the changes they needed. I did not know it would be a fly-by with Pat leaving after three months and the team in a tailspin once again with so many unanswered questions.

It was so exciting and now it just looks so gloomy. What player in his right mind would want to come here? Unless the money was way more than he should be paid and that is what now will happen again, just like our roster has been from the past, a bunch of overpaid under achievers. A true hockey hangover. Thank you Buffalo Sabres, once again.

Carl Dunning


Suffering continues to happen in Sabreland

Initially there was the Knox Family. Then, in quick order, John Rigas, Tom Golisano, and Terry Pegula. Each owner served by cronies and sycophants, with infighting and egoism, not a recipe for success. Money is overrated, even the Beatles warned “Can’t Buy Me Love.” It is about personal chemistry.

LaFontaine and Nolan had cleared the deck, now GM Murray is in the middle of something he had no warning about. Real hockey performers will not want to play here. Coach Nolan knows the acid eats away at substance. Take the money, and run.

Once Regier traded away Briere, Drury, and Campbell, Sabres fans went into denial. Have not seen a game since. Regier warned about “suffering.” It is happening, in spades.

David Conners


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