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Letter: Vote out politicians trying to bust unions

Vote out politicians trying to bust unions

I am following with deep disgust the articles on the Volkswagen plant union vote in Tennessee. The union-busting politicians are trying to break unions not only in Tennessee but all over the country. These people have their pensions paid for by the taxpayers and are not worried about their retirement.

Unions, in my opinion, have sometimes gone too far in their zeal to protect their members, but they are only trying to provide a living wage, safe working conditions and retirement benefits for their charges.

On the other hand, our politicians are trying to pander to their business backers and lobbyist buddies so they can be re-elected and have a job with those firms or a position with a lobbyist group after they retire and collect their generous government stipends. The only way for us to stop this travesty is to vote these people out of office.

Unions are not perfect, but they are all that lies between the people trying to make a decent life for themselves and our self-serving government officials.

William Kraus


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