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Letter: Congress has earned its low poll numbers

Congress has earned its low poll numbers

I seldom write letters to the editor, but I have had a hard time swallowing all the publicity that has been afforded Rep. Tom Reed over the last several months. Here is a man, a millionaire, who votes to close down our government, refuses to support extension of unemployment benefits and an increase in the minimum wage, and cuts food stamps.

At the same time, he and all the other representatives in Congress pass almost no legislation, do more talking than producing, have never really created any jobs for the Southern Tier and, worst of all, continue to collect their salaries while spending very little time in Washington and doing almost no work to improve the economic problems of the country and particularly, his district.

If anyone is collecting unemployment, it is Reed and the rest of the 534 members of Congress. They, unlike many of our unemployed folks, have jobs. They get paid for less than part-time work – lack of work that would get them fired if they worked for a company or industry. It is hypocritical for our congressman, as well as the tea party members of the Republican Party, to speak of caring about the people of our country when all they can do is put forward empty promises, support tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas and obstruct any ideas put forth by our president, moderate Republicans and Democrats that could improve the lives of many Americans. Reed and Congress deserve their low poll numbers.

Betty D’Arcy


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