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Boston Town Board to address culvert issues

The Boston Town Board hopes to find long-term solutions to problems with culverts that were brought up Wednesday by two Boston residents.

Rockwood Lane resident William Kester said he had an ongoing issue with a neighbor plugging a culvert on his property with snow. He reached out to the town for help.

“I want to say thank you to Highway Superintendent (Robert) Telaak and his crew,” Kester said.

According to Kester, the water was starting to “creep up into the window well” and the situation was solved before it became a major problem.

He said he asked Telaak and the town’s code enforcement officer to look at the codes and neither could find anything currently on the books that could help Kester. Kester asked the board to consider adopting a new law that would prevent future culvert problems.

Town Attorney Michael Kobiolka told Kester he suggested to the board a few years ago that it pass a resolution to prevent blockage of passageways.

The Town Board recently decided to look at updating town codes, and Supervisor Martin Ballowe said this issue is one the board will take into consideration. “This is one (code) we will be looking at,” Ballowe said.

The next resident who spoke, John Stressinger of Boston Cross Road, said he, too, has had issues with a culvert on his property during warmer times.

He said his property is adjacent to Boston South Park and that the grass grows high in the summertime, causing draining issues. He has taken it upon himself to try to fix the problem.

“It never gets mowed. I do it myself, and I don’t appreciate it,” Stressinger said.

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