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‘LeBeau’ reflects on long life

Robert Clary, who played Cpl. Louis LeBeau in the 1965-71 sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes,” said he will be celebrating his 88th birthday this weekend simply, at a dinner out with friends, and with gratitude for his long life.

“Every day I wake up is a birthday,” said Clary, who as a Jewish French teenager survived the Nazi Holocaust that claimed 12 family members, including his parents.

He’s resisted bitterness, he said: “You learn from the bad things and you learn from the good things.”

Clary has been off the screen for more than a decade, staying busy with his family, his hobby of painting and regular gym workouts.

“The only thing I really miss tremendously, I lost my wife. But that is part of life, unfortunately,” Clary said.

He was married to Natalie Cantor, the daughter of legendary singer-actor Eddie Cantor, for more than 30 years.

Neeson blasts mayor on horses

Actor Liam Neeson says he’s upset at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for wanting to shut down the city’s horse-drawn carriage industry.

Neeson complained during an appearance on “The Daily Show” this week that critics have put out false information about how the horses are treated. He says drivers treat the horses like their own children.

De Blasio has declared his intention to shut down the industry, saying it’s inhumane to keep horses in modern-day Manhattan. The Democrat wants to replace them with electric cars.

Neeson says most New Yorkers want to keep the horses and de Blasio “is supposed to be representing the New York people.”

Carriage drivers say shutting the stables would eliminate a rare outlet for surplus horses, meaning they’ll be sent to the slaughterhouse faster.

Kwan’s unlocked car is stolen

Police say Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan’s car was stolen after her husband, Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell, left the keys inside.

Police report that Pell and Kwan were scheduled to attend an event Tuesday along with others when he dropped the car keys between the seats of her Toyota Prius, parked outside the couple’s East Side Providence home. Pell could not easily reach the keys so closed the car door and left with Kwan in another vehicle.

Police said the couple didn’t notice her car missing until the next morning. The couple drove around the neighborhood looking for it before reporting it stolen Wednesday.

Kwan is a five-time world champion and double Olympic medalist. Pell faces two other Democrats in the state primary.

French mistress attends Cesars

Julie Gavet, the actress whose secret tryst with French President Francois Hollande led to his split from his long-time girlfriend, has made her first public appearance since the scandal broke.

Gayet showed up Friday night for the Cesar Film Awards, the French version of the Oscars. She had been widely expected to stay away. Actress Scarlett Johansson also attended, receiving an honorary Cesar for her life work.

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