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Sports talk: Letters for Feb. 23

Other athletes should be honored for serving nation

In a recent column, Bucky Gleason stated that Pat Tillman is the only sports personality that deserves a statue, presumably referring to his military service.

How did Bucky manage to forget Bob Kalsu? He left the Buffalo Bills to serve in Vietnam, where he was tragically killed in action. Bob Feller joined the Navy the day after Pearl Harbor and served the entire war, earning eight battle stars. Marine Captain Ted Williams flew 39 combat missions between WWII and Korea.

While not taking anything from Mr Tillman, many athletes have served in time of war. All deserve accolades.

Tim Delano


NHL players need to be at Winter Olympics

I have to agree with Jerry Sullivan’s take on the need for the NHL to embrace the concept of sending the world’s best hockey players to the Olympics every four years even if it might disrupt the season somewhat and upset some of the owners.

The nationwide interest and excitement generated by the Olympic hockey tournament dwarfs even the Stanley Cup finals in this country. It has people young and old, male and female, of all races and creeds, taking at least some interest it seems, in the outcome of each game that the U.S. team plays.

Few other sporting events can garner an enthusiastic group at a neighboring water hole all across the country at some strange hours like a Team USA hockey game. A gold medal game can rival the interest of Super Bowl Sunday if the USA is involved, as evidenced by the mesmerizing nature generated while watching the final game between the U.S. and Canada four years ago.

So watch and learn, Gary Bettman and NHL owners near and far. Your sport rarely, if ever, is as popular as it is around this time of the year every four years. Take advantage where you can to attract new fans to the game. This tournament certainly does that.

Dale Slisz


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