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Newfane seeks public support for new recycling carts

NEWFANE – The Town of Newfane is looking for the public’s support for a new recycling program using large, wheeled carts instead of the customary small blue boxes, with pick-up planned for every two weeks.

The Town Board will hold a public hearing at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday prior to its regular board meeting at 7 p.m. at Town Hall, 2737 Main St., to discuss authorizing the financing for the purchase of the carts for all residences and businesses in the town. The cost is estimated at about $175,000, according to Town Supervisor Timothy Horanburg.

“We are purchasing 64-gallon carts for residences and 95-gallon carts for commercial use,” Horanburg said. “The town will own these carts. In the past, the resident owned the small blue recycling boxes, but the town will own the carts and they will have a computer chip in them so that we know where they are and where they belong.”

In addition, the town and Modern Recycling will hold an open house from 9 a.m. to noon on March 15 at the town’s Community Center, 2737 Main St., “for anybody who wants to learn more about what they can recycle,” Horanburg said.

He said that in an effort to save money, Newfane teamed with the Town of Cambria to put the contract to purchase the new carts out to bid. He said most of the towns in Niagara County already have converted to carts.

“We are going with Cascade Cart Solutions of Michigan and they will be rolling the new carts out the week of March 25-29, with the first pick-up on April 1,” Horanburg said. “This will just be for recycling and it will just be picked up every other week.”

Horanburg said the town has supplied the company with a complete list of addresses and the company will deliver the carts door to door.

“Modern Corp. will now pay us $5 per ton for recyclables,” he also noted. “We will be able to recycle a lot more with the bigger carts and it tells you right on the cart cover what is recyclable. Nothing will have to be sorted anymore, you just chuck it all into the cart.

“Modern will also knock off $40,000 annually from our refuse collection fee, so the carts will be paid for in five years,” Horanburg said. “And, that’s not even counting what Modern will pay us to recycle, so that may help us pay off the purchase of the carts even sooner than five years. This is better for the environment and it will stabilize our costs.”

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