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Game center manager irked at inspector’s delay in Town of Niagara

TOWN OF NIAGARA – The manager of Oogie Games said he doesn’t understand why the town building inspector won’t let him play.

Matthew J. Walter, chief operating officer for the video game center, told the Town Board on Tuesday that he wants to open a seventh location at a plaza at 2404 Military Road but that he has not received any directions from the Building Inspector’s Office.

He said his store is “absolutely complete” and has been ready to open since Jan. 14. All he needs is clearance from the town.

Walter acknowledged that the problem started when he “screwed up” by not submitting design plans to the building inspector. But when he realized his error, he said, he turned in plans signed by an engineer Jan. 18. He thought that because he was not changing the physical structure of the building itself, he did not have to submit plans.

To date, he has not heard from the office except for a “stop work” order that was issued because he was accused of being open for business.

The only activity in the store has been workers preparing for business, according to Walter. He denied being open for customers and said a video security tape would prove that.

Building Inspector Charles E. Haseley was not at the meeting.

Walter said he has tried to contact Haseley without success and is puzzled about the lack of progress. All the electrical work has been inspected, he said, and the plans are stamped. He contended that the one-page plans would be simple to review and should take the inspector about an hour to do.

So far, the company has spent $2,500 to $3,000 a week on employees and has invested about $150,000 in stock and building costs, Walter said. Supervisor Steven C. Richards said he would set up a meeting with himself, Walter and Haseley to discuss the issue.

In another matter, the board put off a plan to restructure the fees charged to parties that use the facilities at Veterans Memorial Park. A proposal to charge residents $25 a day to use a pavilion and nonresidents $35 did not make it to a vote.

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