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Power trio Pontiak plays Babeville on Feb. 25

Three brothers in one band. It sounds like an accident waiting to happen. After all, look at the Kinks, Van Halen, Oasis and the Black Crowes, among others. No one can cover your back like your brother. On the other hand, no one else can get under your skin quite like your brother.

Yet somehow, sibling rivalry and the brotherhood curse both seem to have passed over Virginia farmers-turned-stoner-rock-powerhouse Pontiak. Van, Jennings and Lain Carney seem to get along just fine. Listening to the beautifully dense wall-of-psychedelia the Carneys are able to conjure – best exemplified on the beautiful cranium-rattle that is 2012’s “Echo Ono” and its just released follow-up, “Innocence” – you get the distinct impression that the whole “family comes first” cliché might be a grand idea after all. Tight, intuitively supportive and unabashedly heavy, the Pontiak roar is a pure delight to behold – or at least, it is if you happen to be a fan of, say, Black Mountain, Kyuss or Clutch.

At 8 p.m. Tuesday, the Ninth Ward at Babeville (341 Delaware Ave.) will resound with the delicious decibels of Pontiak’s heavy rock. Tickets are $8 (box office, Tickets.com, Rust Belt Books and Terrapin Station).

- Jeff Miers

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