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Niagara Falls detectives intercept a package containing a kilo of cocaine

“We have it,” said Narcotics Capt. David LeGault after officers took possession of a package Wednesday morning containing a kilo of uncut cocaine. The drug has a potential street value of $100,000.

He said police wanted to get the word out clearly and quickly that the package was addressed to a vacant apartment in a two-family house and was left on the porch.

The occupant of the adjoining apartment is completely innocent, had nothing to do with it, and was not charged.

LeGault said detectives who had been tracking the package of cocaine took control of it.

“We don’t want anyone to get hurt,” LeGault said of the ongoing investigation.

Legault said the package was delivered to the duplex in the city’s North End.

He said police had been working with the U.S. Postal Service for a period of time.

“We have been tracking this package and we know that the people who sent this package won’t try to recover it,” said LeGault.

He was unable to specify where the package came from or how long the investigation has been going on, but did say that investigators have an out-of-state address that the package came from and they are working with authorities on the west coast.

LeGault said the kilo of cocaine, or 2.3 pounds, has an uncut value of $36,000, but once it is cut for sale it has a potential street value of $100,000.

“Anytime you can get drugs off the street it’s a good thing,” LeGault said of Wednesday’s investigation.

Niagara Falls Police Commissioner E. Bryan DalPorto said, “Usually violence accompanies the drug trafficking industry. If we can prevent that amount of drugs from coming into the city, it’s certainly a victory for us.”


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