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Movie review: “Endless Love”

The latest heart-throbbing Valentine’s Day film, “Endless Love,” is exactly what viewers have been eagerly waiting for this year. It tells a tale of a love that is like an explosion, one that shines so bright nothing else can get in the way of it. With a wisely picked cast by director Shana Feste, “Endless Love” demands the audience to sit in anticipation while hoping that the couple from two different worlds can ultimately find their way to each other.

During the start of a Georgia summer, the beautiful Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) places herself in a world of isolation after the tragic loss of her brother. Content to disappear, she strikes the attention of a boy named David (Alex Pettyfer), who is fascinated by someone so exquisite, yet such an outcast. Determined to release her from the distraught disposition has had for so long, David gives Jade the ability to feel happiness again.

Despite the couple’s desire to spend the rest of their summer together, Jade’s overbearing father, Hugh (Bruce Greenwood), believes that the new lovers are experiencing nothing but a summer fling. He does everything in his power to save his daughter from heartbreak and keep her and David’s paths separated. However, when Hugh realizes that the task is harder than he expected, he digs into the darkest corners of David’s past to ensure that the romance is not permanent.

In a struggle to remain together, Jade and David aim to fight the odds and do whatever it takes to let their love live.

In this movie, there are a wonderful number of intriguing scenes where it is nearly impossible for viewers to draw their eyes from the screen. The words will tug at the viewers’ emotions while revealing the good, the bad and the frightening aspects of love. There is just enough comedy to produce laughs and keep people waiting for more.

However, the film lacks a sense of realism. Jade and David fall in love within the first few days of meeting each other, and the intensity of their relationship escalates rather quickly. Additionally, a series of unfortunate events occur that make it difficult to believe all of these terrible things can happen one right after the other. In spite of this, these misfortunes keep the audience at the edge of the seats.

Overall, “Endless Love” largely symbolizes new beginnings. It emphasizes that tragedy often can make people realize all that they’re missing in the world and lead them to something extraordinary. Feste paints a picture that no matter the circumstances, a great love is worth fighting for.

I highly recommend this movie based on the respectable amount of drama, action and, of course, love. “Endless Love” is a film worth seeing.

Nina Bracci is a junior at Iroquois High School.

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