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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Ridge Road, Thomas A. Faery; Barbara A. Faery to DC Faery Properties, $200,000.


• Townline Road, Frederick Heidle; Frederick W. Heidle; Norman A. Jansen to Gary Demonico, $23,000.


• Upper Mountain Road, John S. Boddecker to Anne D. Melzer, $192,500.


• Caledonia St. & Church St., Rae A. Graham; Garry D. Graham to Marisa L. Longacre, $78,350.

• Erie St., C&P 6858 Consulting Inc. to James K. Johnson, $49,800.

• Grove Ave., Susan E. Oliva; Greta M. Aloisio to Jeffrey S. Kolbe; Anne M. Kolbe, $30,000.

• Grand St. & Lock St., DMT Ventures to Victor J. Monter, $18,000.


• Ridgewood Drive, John M. Stayzer to Elliott McClain; Jonathan McClain; Heaton McClain, $134,000.

• Royal Parkway South, Ryan R. Weisz to Janna R. West; Gerald R. West, $89,900.


• Dale Road & Brown Road, Richard A. Sherman; Nancy A. Mangine to Benjamin D. Musall; Amber M. Musall, $115,540.

• East Ave., Sue Anne Civiletto; Joseph F. Civiletto to Timothy H. Lauve, $63,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $136,600 Average price: $42,567 Median price: $36,500 Number of Sales: 9

• Military Road & Liberty Ave., Marlene Richards to Jacob Myles, $136,600.

• Linwood Ave., Elizabeth Lauzonis; Laura Schrett to Jessica L. McGovern, $55,000.

• 3604 Packard Road, Mount Zion Baptist Church of Niagara Falls to Evelyn Colavecchia, $42,000.

• Weston Ave., Jerry K. Chapman; Emma H. Chapman to Dewayne M. Holland, $39,500.

• 71st St., Patricia L. Wilson; Patricia L. Kennedy to Heather Culverwell, $36,500.

• 63rd St., Mary Ann Murphy to Jean Sweney, $26,000.

• 25th St., Valentina Webster; Michael Webster to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $21,500.

• Ferry Ave., Susan Ford to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $16,000.

• Ferry Ave., Jeannine Brydges; Mildred D. Brydges; Jeannine Brydges Doyle to Susan Ford, $10,000.


• 329 Oliver St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Paul Brown, $23,000.

• 583 Fairmont Ave., Mary C. Fetzer; David K. Fetzer to David K. Fetzer, $21,650.


• Chestnut Ridge Road, Deborah A. Clark to Cheryl McKie; Daniel McKie, $123,500.

• Chestnut Ridge Road, Tracy R. O’Shea-Licinio; Tracy R. O’Shea to Norman Tiefel, $39,000.


• 3785 Spice Creek, Diane P. Coddington; Diane P. Ashby to Jared M. Domaracki, $244,900.

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