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Silver Creek schools to take back scheduled days off due to weather

SILVER CREEK – Silver Creek Central School District will be taking away scheduled days off this year to make up for lost time due to the rough winter weather.

Feb. 24, which was a scheduled day off, will now be a full day for students. There also will also be additional makeup days, including a half-day for elementary students on Feb. 28 and a full day for all on April 4. There also is a plan to have students attend classes on May 23.

The district closed for five days so far this year due to weather.

Silver Creek Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich said that next year’s calendar is being planned with days off later in the season in case the next winter also requires additional days off.

Ljiljanich praised the quick and efficient work of the Silver Creek Fire Department in its response to an alarm at the school last week. The superintendent spoke Wednesday at a meeting of the Board of Education.

He said that an alarm was pulled at the school and all students were evacuated to the bus garage, in line with the district’s emergency plan. He said it was very cold that day so the buses were pulled out to make room for several hundred students.

Ljiljanich said the volunteers responded quickly and gave the all-clear for students to return just 17 minutes from the time the alarm was first sounded.

A student reportedly admitted that he accidentally pulled the alarm. Ljiljanich said other students also witnessed the incident.

The superintendent also praised the efforts of school staff in responding to the emergency evacuation.

“The most impressive piece was the way the local fire department responded,” Ljiljanich said.

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