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Theater Jugend to produce Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ‘Orgazmo’

Drew McCabe has a serious thing for Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

His company, Theater Jugend, which he co-founded with playwright Justin Karcher in 2011, produced a stage version of Parker’s 1993 cult film “Cannibal: The Musical” last year. And now McCabe and company have set their sights on another piece of Parker/Stone juvenilia with an adaptation of “Orgazmo,” the duo’s 1997 film about a young Mormon who stumbles into the super-skeevy world of low-budget pornography.

The show, starring Matthew Crehan Higgins as Joe Young and Jeffrey Coyle as porn director Maxxx Orbison, opens at 8 tonight in the ALT Theatre (255 Great Arrow Ave.) and runs through March 1.

In a 1998 review of the film, Roger Ebert called it “the very soul of sophomorism,” labeling it “callow, gauche, obvious and awkward, and designed to appeal to those with similar qualities.”

That is exactly the sort of material to which McCabe has often gravitated, out of a desire to upset the staid sensibilities of some theatergoers and to transform the apparently unsophisticated elements of Parker and Stone’s early work into something resembling great theater.

“Orgazmo” might just do both.

Call 445-9432 for more info.

– Colin Dabkowski

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