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Poems for loved ones


By Eva Friedner and Dana Wehle

It’s been five years since we lost our third sister . . .   

yet the emptiness is as poignant as the first.

 Susan, the sweet middle;

And we, the bookends, cradling “her void.”.

Two, not three, now reconfigure the whole. 


And so, what five-year-echoes dance in this void?

Memories, individual and combined;

Photos blending tears, smiles, laughter;

A scarf, a book, a song ...


Oh, sister, sister ...

Our longings, like your soft beautiful curls,

Twist and turn in the wind.

Eva Friedner and Dana Wehle are the sisters of Susan Wehle, the cantor at the former Temple Sinai, now Congregation Shir Shalom, in Amherst


By Karen Wielinski

Just because

we laugh and smile

does not mean

we forget a while.

Just because

we hide the pain,

it lingers still

and will remain.

Just because

some take


reconsider for our sake.

Recall the joy

they always found

in simply living –

enjoying sight and sound.

They would frown

and shake their head

if we constantly

were filled with dread.

Embrace each moment

though changed by fate …


yet celebrate.

Life goes on,

memory lingers,

warms the heart

like burning embers.

Their life still glows

in what comes after.

We should shout it

from a rafter.

Just because

we laugh and smile

we still love

them all the while.

Karen Wielinski’s husband, Doug, was killed when Fight 3407 hit their home

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