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Supermarket in limbo, poets and bagpipers and the two cheapest Valentine’s Day specials

The Dashwey way

Inside the supermarket formerly known as Budwey’s, on Kenmore Avenue, it’s weird, because it’s as if Budwey’s never left. A friend calls it “Dashwey’s” and had told us that everything was the way it was, except prices were higher. We saw what he meant. There was the Special Values aisle, the Shur-Fine foods. However, the bulk Parmesan Buzz bulks up with had gone from $5.99 to $9.99 a pound. Other things had doubled in price. We did find good deals, though, and were proceeding to the checkout when another change hit us. The store was quiet! They had dumped Budwey’s annoying sound system, yay! Another change we can embrace is the sign on the store. The word “Budwey’s” is faded, but it’s there, and the new name is splashed over it. This is great Buffalo art. See the Buzz Blog, online, for exclusive pics.

A promising draft

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, rogue bagpipers, would be the ultimate in our St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Imagine them wailing “We Will Rock You,” which rocked Kleinhans Music Hall on Saturday night. If we can’t pay the pipers, though, at least we have the quieter but no less evocative poetry of Gene McCarthy’s Tavern on Hamburg Street. Canceling their recently scheduled Better Beverage Service because of snow, the pub waxed poetic. “Better Beverage will happen, on Wed., Feb 19 we’ll be rappin!” they wrote. “So please stay home tonight, and drink some craft beer by fire light! Any person who needs a refund, simply call us and we’ll give you one! … By the time of our next Better Beverage, we may even have our own beer as leverage! This is almost Yeats. All it needs is another draft … or two …

Hot Valentine’s specials

A Buzz reader called asking if Camillo’s Sloan Supermarket was offering the Valentine’s Day special it offered last year. The answer is, yes indeedy! Two 8-ounce strip steaks, a bag of shrimp, two 3-ounce lobster tails, salad, two twice-baked potatoes and a gooey dessert – all for $20. Allow time – the day Buzz went last year, they had sold 700 of them by the time we got there. But pssst! This year, the special has hot competition from Pierogi Love Night at the Ukrainian-American Civic Center, 205 Military Road. The Ukrainians promise: “Mrs. H will have the windows of Buffalo’s oldest Ukrainian social club steamed up from 6 to 11 p.m., serving handmade Ukrainian food,” and also a full bar, including “an array of heady Ukrainian beers by Obolon,” and music by David Kane et al. Admission $5. Such a deal! Buffalo … Isn’t it romantic?

The buzz

Time on your hands? Real Complicated magazine announces “37 Steps To Your Child’s Birthday Party.” Did we write Real Complicated? We meant Real Simple. So they say. … Take a gamble on opera! A slot machine at the Seneca Creek Casino is called “Figaro.”


“There is something wild but also ordered about the coat. I am really drawn to that tension.”

– Designer Diane von Fürstenberg, in InStyle, rhapsodizing about the zebra


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