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Letter: President should have apologized to Americans

President should have apologized to Americans

When first I heard that Bill O’Reilly would interview President Obama prior to the Super Bowl, I decided to suspend my disbelief, again, and give Obama another chance to finally tell the American people the truth – about anything. It was no surprise that the president, clever dissembler that he is, deftly danced around O’Reilly’s questions, offering not a single straightforward response to any one of them.

With the majority of public opinion now solidly opposed to the president and his policies, it would have served him well to own up to his mistakes, and to apologize for lying, on numerous occasions, to the American people. Because he failed to do that, we are left with an administration that can no longer be trusted to act in the best interests of this country, or the constitutional foundations upon which it is built.

I wrote in this column months ago that because of the ineptness and lack of candor of this administration, the “fate of the republic was hanging in the balance.” These words are truer today than ever.

George W. Radka