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Letter: Homeowners responsible for damage from party

Homeowners responsible for damage from party

Horrors! Teens gone wild. Urine, vomit and condoms. Cash missing. What is to be done? Determine responsibility, demand accountability, call a lawyer and make this correct, write the more literate of the mob. Well, let’s work on that.

The teenagers perpetrated the damage; maybe a few, or possibly many. The cat-sitter permitted their entry to the house. The daughter, an Ivy League student, ascertained the cat-sitter to be a trustworthy individual who would meet the expectations of the family. How well did she know this person? Was she acquainted as well with her friends? Did the daughter understand the possible ramifications of her recommendation?

The parents, knowing their daughter’s strengths and weaknesses, went along with her judgment, and handed the key to their home to a person they felt was competent and reputable. They were wrong. So who is responsible and accountable? The parents, Steven Binder and Kristen Segebarth. They should accept their culpability, abandon the public crusade for justice and move on from their embarrassing blunder.

Fortunately, the community can also extract some positive guidance from the story. The next time you leave town, make sure you know who you are granting access to your home. Oh, and be aware that naivete can result in as much damage as stupidity.

T. Pat Leary


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