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Letter: Don’t give in to group blocking bridge plans

Don’t give in to group blocking bridge plans

Well, it looks like another defeat for the neighborhood obstructionists with their impractical request to remove truck traffic from the Peace Bridge. The other defeat was to prevent the Bridge Authority from demolishing the rat-infested homes on Busti Avenue. We all know where that got them. The houses were demolished and greenery was put in that area, which I must say was an improvement.

It appears from reading the newspaper that this group tried to bypass the state and local officials, as well as the authority, in pursing this request for the removal of trucks. My impression was that the authority was trying to work with these residents. I guess somebody didn’t tell everyone involved. The obstructionists claim that removing the trucks will be a solution to their asthma problem, which in my opinion is highly overrated. This solution is unrealistic for many reasons, most important of which is that it would require improvements on other bridges and move their so-called pollution problem to another undeserving community.

One important point that I would like to make is this: This group does not represent all of the Peace Bridge residents. It is a small group of individuals who have their own agendas. Other remaining residents want enhancements in the neighborhood itself – more crime prevention (safer streets), housing and landscaping improvements. Now these would be worth fighting for.

The obstructionists succeeded in stopping an expanded plaza, which would have improved the status of this area. I hope the federal, state and local governments stick to their guns and try to help other residents in this area with responsible requests.

Barbara L. Battista


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