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Letter: Do a little research on ‘American’ cars

Do a little research on ‘American’ cars

In response to the Feb. 1 letter regarding driving American-made vehicles, I own a Chevy Aveo and a Kia Optima. As far as being a patriot, I’m a Vietnam War veteran and as patriotic as they come. However, here is the irony. Kia is a South Korean company that manufactures the Optima in Georgia. It has invested a billion dollars in a new plant employing 5,000 American workers (whether union or non-union is irrelevant). These are workers earning money in the United States and contributing to the local economy. The Chevy Aveo, however, is manufactured in South Korea, paying South Korean workers and contributing nothing to the American economy. By the way, after import, you pay American dollars for this vehicle, contributing only to Chevy’s bottom line. Remember, Kia didn’t need billions of American dollars in bailout money.

I admit that I didn’t research the Aveo manufacturing plant until after purchase, however, I was trying to be “patriotic” by purchasing from an American company. I found out later, to my dismay, that the vehicle with the signature “bow tie” logo was not made in America.

John Zawada


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