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Letter: Trap-neuter-release improves cats’ lives

Trap-neuter-release improves cats’ lives

In a Jan. 23 letter, the writer states that a painless injection is preferable to trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs. Does she suggest that we catch and kill these cats for fear of what might happen to them? Every living creature has the will to live; it is instilled in all of us, whether two- or four-legged. Watch nature and ask yourself: Why does that bird or butterfly fly away from danger? Why do deer, squirrels and rabbits run from predators? I believe it is because they have the will to live. People have a very strong will to live; that is why we seek treatment for diseases.

TNR is helping cats to live healthier lives. It is helping to keep the population of cats down, and in doing so, decreases unwanted births of kittens, which helps shelters to see a decline in the number of cats and kittens that cannot find homes. I support TNR, and I will continue to help make the lives of free-roaming cats better. I will not collect and kill cats because of what might happen to them.

Joan Jimerson


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