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City residents need help to revive neighborhoods

I read with interest the Jan. 26 News editorial titled “21st century attitude,” which discussed all of the wonderful things that are happening in the City of Buffalo. Featured were the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Larkinville, Canalside, HarborCenter and other projects that will bring fame and fortune to our fair city.

However, what was left out of the mix was neighborhood revitalization. Those of us who have been waiting for something positive to happen in Buffalo are thrilled to see all of these projects coming to completion, but we also have been waiting for the places where we live to get an infusion of money to make us whole again. Will this ever happen? Or are we to continue to beg our elected officials (some of whom were responsible for neighborhood decline) to provide funding so that we can again return our once-beautiful neighborhoods to what they were? Some of us are getting tired of waiting.

Marge Thielman Hastreiter

Curator, Iron Island Museum


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