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Staff picks: Votes favor Seattle

Seattle has the better all-around team, is healthier and played tougher competition. Seattle’s defense, with its size and speed, is better suited to face Denver’s offense than any team.

Seattle 31, Denver 27.

Peyton Manning’s legacy will be significantly altered today. One of the all-time greats has the weapons to finish off a sublime season. Relatively mild temperatures and no 12th man hurt the Seahawks. Denver 27, Seattle 20

A dominant defense historically has the edge against a dominant offense. Seattle had issues with scrambling QBs, but that’s not a factor here. Can Seattle generate enough points? Yes, I say. Seattle 24, Denver 21

The traditonalist in me says the best defense will prevail, especially in cold. The Bowl hasn’t had a D as strong as Seattle’s since the Giants shut down the Pats six years ago. Richard Sherman gets the last quack on Manning.

Seattle 24, Denver 22

Never been a fan Marshawn Lynch the person but there’s no denying his talent.. His power combined with Russell Wilson’s elusiveness are a dangerous mix that will limit Denver’s possessions and enable the Seahawks to eke this one out. Seattle 21, Denver 19.

Can’t see Seattle winning on the passing of Russell Wilson. The keys to the game will be whether the Seahawks get another strong run game from Marshawn Lynch and the defense finding a way to stop Peyton Manning. I’m convinced that Manning’s arm is not what it used to be but he is as accurate as ever. Denver 31, Seattle 23

I’ve got to go with Beast Mode, being that Marshawn Lynch was in Buffalo. I think he’s going to have a big game and be the reason why.” Seattle 27, Denver 24

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