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Forestville sets meeting on establishing water district

FORESTVILLE – The Forestville Village Board will hold a special meeting Monday to determine how much the Town of Hanover will be charged if residents form a water district outside the village.

Village Attorney Michael Sullivan on Wednesday was charged with asking state officials if the village could form a water district with the residents without involving the Town of Hanover. According to Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson, the language involved in the bonding agreement for the village’s water system required that water would be sold to village residents or to another municipality.

Some residents at the meeting Wednesday asked if the state would consider a change in the wording since they have been customers of the village system for many years. 

Residents also were interested in what the rate for water would be and if they would be responsible for other charges such as operation and maintenance. Johnson said the board should look at the current rates and try to determine a bulk rate if a district is formed with Hanover.

Village Clerk James White noted that there are time constraints if the village is to be able to finance the replacement cost of the line on Bennett State Road with the rest of its water system. The village has an opportunity to borrow funds at no interest and repay them over 30 years.

The line on Bennett State Road was replaced at a cost of about $200,000. Funding was provided through $50,000 cash on hand and a $150,000 bond anticipation note, according to White. 

The project was done three years ago while contractors were replacing water lines in the village and completing a new spring-fed supply system. 

Robert Schulze, a Bennett State Road resident, offered to help get his neighbors together for any special meetings or to review a petition that may be prepared for them.

Hanover Town Board member Kevin O’Connell said his board members want to help the residents solve the issue. 

The residents also stressed that they want costs included in the petition so that they can be assured of the future cost of their water if they have to purchase it from the town of Hanover.

There are 30 families involved in the water district and two businesses – TLC Health Care Center and Bailey Manufacturing.

If a petition is presented to the town, it must include at least 50 percent of the residential land owners in the district and represent at least 50 percent of the property in the district.

Monday’s meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in Village Hall.

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