Marv Levy’s Bills dropped their fourth straight Super Bowl on this day 20 years ago in Atlanta. (Associated Press)
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The Bills made history in Super Bowl XXVIII by becoming the only NFL team to appear in four consecutive championship games. That feat has never been repeated. The third time wasn't the charm for the Bills in the Super Bowl, but now they had another shot at the title against the defending champions Dallas Cowboys.

The Bills were confident. Jim Kelly was on a late-season roll, and the players were determined not only to win but to not be tagged as losers together with the Vikings and Broncos, who had also lost four Super Bowl games, but not consecutively. The Cowboys themselves were cherishing this opportunity to win back-to-back Super Bowls, and victory would place them among the only three elite teams that had won four Super Bowls up to that point in time. 

The outcome at the Georgia Dome that day was a game of two halves, with the Cowboys riding over the Bills in the second half to a 30-13 victory as Buffalo threw away a 13-6 first-half lead. 

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