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Tackle, game calling dealers show alluring items

Triple S Sporting Supplies held its 45th Annual Dealer Show at the Adam’s Mark Hotel Wednesday to Friday and anglers, hunters and outdoors folk can look forward to some interesting new and recently-tested tackle, gear and wear products of promising use in upcoming seasons.

The show included items from spinner blades to portable ice shanties. Dealers and guests got to see and order the fishing, hunting and outdoors-encounter gear items to have ready for trips and outings.

Challenger Lures made headlines with its Nuclear Green finish on spinner blades. Jim Dolly, product rep, won prize-winning entries in three walleye contests with his finish on a tomahawk spinner blade in 2010. This year, the new “Nuclear Black” finish will be introduced on trolling and drifting trips on Lake Erie and other area waters.

Longtime walleye tourney pro Keith Eshbaugh from the Pittsburgh area introduced a new line of Dutch Fork Custom Lures last year that includes a clear plastic based spinner blade that Eshbaugh said, “won salmon and trout tourneys out west and walleye contests around here.”

This year the Dutch Fork blades come with a quick-change clip to change or add blades to a harness or spinner rig. Look for the various color and blade designs at dutchforkcustomlures.com.

For turkey hunters, Quaker Boy Game Calls designed a new waterproof Lil’ Big Time box call that does not need sanding or chalking and a Full Tilt Slate (friction) model. Bob Wozniak, Quaker Boy expert, pointed out, “The Full Tilt slants to a narrow/single side to produce soft purrs and expands to a wide side for deep clucks and yelps.”

Wozniak also suggested trying the new Turkey Thugs Half Moon mouth calls with a reinforced backer reed that allows for three different call sequences. Check out these and other call models at quakerboy.com.

Okuma has exploded on fishing forays as an economical, quality rod and reel producer. The new Okuma center pin and Cold Water carbon-fiber rods look good.

Also look for Okuma’s expanding line of Savage Gear, big-time lures, rods and reels set up for musky and bass anglers.

The Scott Martin series of bass casting gear comes in level-wind and spinning gear versions.

The Dipsy Diver has been the mostly mentioned name in weighted side-planing devices, but Torpedo Divers in London, Ont., has models with upgrades that will make diver-rigging easier and more effective.

Matthew Sawrie noted, “The Torpedo Diver adjusts to side angles at click settings, not a tension screw.” It has an attachment for a torpedo weight that drops lures to 75-foot depths after playing out just 100 feet of line. Its light weight allows it to track more directly when run on wire or braided line.

Torpedo diver also markets a 19-strand wire braid that does not break at a kind or overhand knot.

Plano, famous for tackle boxes for half a century, has additions in two areas this year, trays and tackle bags. The new Stowaway Trays come with either trays or bulk/open storage; one model, Deep Stowaway designed for Kevin Van Dam, has a waterproof seal.

He Guide Series Tackle Bag features a tray storage sequence at its center and side pockets for glasses (sun and visual), cell phones and other electronics.

Many of these new and recently introduced tackle and gear items will be the focus of columns this spring as the fishing and spring turkey seasons see their starts.

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