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Cuomo rakes in $600,000 at glitzy LA fund raiser

   By Robert J. McCarthy

   The Hollywood Reporter described the fund raising event featuring big time movie executives staged in Los Angeles Thursday evening as "high wattage."
   And there is no doubt the governor's campaign fund managers will describe the result as "big bucks."
   The California entertainment industry publication reports today that Cuomo raised about $600,000 at the event, held at the home of Fox Film Chairman Jim Gianopulos. It said Cuomo addressed about 150 people - who paid between $5,000 and $25,000 to attend - from a lectern in the host's back yard.
   The Reporter also said Cuomo touted programs he said have made New York a lucrative location for movie filming, and that he hoped to do more to lure film companies to his state. In addition, the publication said he criticized former Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer for creating conditions Cuomo inherited.
   According to an invitation to the event, the host committee included Motion Picture Association of American boss Chris Dodd and movie mogul Steven Spielberg.
   G. Steven Pigeon, the former Erie County Democratic chairman and political consultant who is close to Cuomo, was also slated to attend the affair along with several West Coast clients.
   Proceeds from the event will add to the $33 million campaign treasury the governor reported earlier this month as he heads into an election year.

The governor's schedule for today, or yesterday, has not been released by his office so it is uncertain if he is still in California, heading home or already back in New York. His office has also declined to say if he took commercial service to California or used a private jet provided by a campaign supporter, a route Cuomo often selects when attending fundraisers.


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