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Grand Island board weighs public assembly law

The Grand Island Town Board will continue to wrestle with a public assembly permit law meant to address the public safety plan portion of the state’s fire code.

That portion of the code deals with ensuring that group gatherings don’t hinder access by emergency responders.

The proposed law would require a permit for certain types of gatherings of more than 200 people.

The board heard comments Tuesday night about the current draft of the proposed law, with speakers calling the law’s wording confusing and unclear. Some speakers were concerned the current wording of the law would hinder special events hosted by small organizations and charities.

The matter was referred to the board for further review.

“The intention of the law isn’t meant to be prohibitive,” said Councilman Dick Crawford.

Also Tuesday, the board:

• Heard comments about decreasing the size of the required “fall zone” surrounding cell towers. Current law requires a setback area of five times a tower’s height surrounding a tower, but current cell tower engineering allows towers to collapse in on themselves if they fall, eliminating the need for such a large buffer zone. The change was referred to the board for further discussion.

• Approved an amendment that eliminates the requirement for the board to hold a public hearing prior to final subdivision “plat” approval. A plat is a map that shows the layout of a proposed development. At that stage of a subdivision’s planning, public comments would not have any bearing on a subdivision’s plat approval, so it is wrong to give the public the false impression that they have any say in the matter, the board said.


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