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Letter: Stranger’s good deed shows city at its finest

Stranger’s good deed shows city at its finest

I recently had the occasion once again to see that Buffalo is indeed the City of Good Neighbors. My son and daughter-in-law, from Raleigh, N.C., sent a Christmas card and $20 in cash to a nephew living in a group home here in Buffalo around the first week in December. He watched for it, but it never arrived. Everyone assumed it was lost in the mail.

The first week in January, my daughter-in-law called to say she had received the card back from a Buffalo State address, opened, with the following note: “Hello. I received this card in the mail and opened it without looking at it closely. The address must be wrong. I do hope it finds John soon. Happy holidays.”

The money was still intact. As it was, the address was wrong. I have to say kudos to the sender for his honesty.

Carol Lee Grady