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Letter: SAFE Act will prove costly to taxpayers

SAFE Act will prove costly to taxpayers

The provisions of the NY SAFE Act have been proposed for 20 years in the Assembly, so the argument that this was about Newtown, Conn., or public safety is wrong. It was about one man’s dream to be president.

The law will turn out to be a very expensive mistake for taxpayers. The 1994 so-called assault weapons law was repealed, the Canadian long gun registry was repealed and Gov. Andrew Cuomo repealed the state’s COBIS gun law at great expense. Police in each case reported no effect on crime. The majority of police do not favor the SAFE Act. Do we see a pattern here? Criminals do not even have to register weapons because they’re protected by the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Taxpayers will pay for the ongoing lawsuits, some not even filed yet. The ammo registration system won’t be used much when people realize they will be paying $10 to $20 extra and supplying personal information. They will avoid this by going out of state. Say goodbye to lots of sales tax. Plus it’s our tax dollars the governor has been throwing around the Buffalo area weekly to buy our votes in November.

The governor in a radio interview before passage said confiscation could be an option. Rifles registered cannot be passed on to family when the owner dies; they will be taken by the government with no payment.

The politicians have lost all credibility. We can never be 100 percent safe. All the laws banning this or that, the spying, the frisking, etc., aren’t making anybody safer. Someone determined to do wrong will easily get by any of this, and be stopped only by force.

The governor must be very worried with all the visits he is making to Buffalo. He should be. There are more gun owners in New York than the total number of people who voted for Carl Paladino and Cuomo combined. If they register to vote, he is done. His $33 million for the campaign is meaningless.

David Petrie


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