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Letter: Executions should be as painless as possible

Executions should be as painless as possible

At the end of the day, there is no dignified means of putting people to death in a civilized society. We have transitioned over the centuries from stoning, to burning at the stake, drowning, decapitation, poisoning, various implements of torture, hanging, firing squads, the electric chair and now lethal injection.

Ridding ourselves of heinous criminals via execution is the law of the land in some states. It assures they will never harm another innocent and sends an unambiguous message to “would be” perpetrators that the consequences for certain actions will be met with severe and permanent punishment, although that doesn’t seem to have a bearing in the heat of a moment or in the mind of a misguided homicidal maniac.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find compassion for someone who willfully and brutally stabs a pregnant woman to death, never showing his victim mercy. But we must be persistent in our resolve to provide a means of execution that is free of all preventable suffering. If not, we are perpetrating the same abhorrent crime for which the execution is being carried out.

James Galbo


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