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Letter: Cartoonist ignores reality by mocking climate change

Cartoonist ignores reality by mocking climate change

Lisa Benson has done it again. A cartoon in The News of an ice breaker in the polar cap up against a buoy labeled “Reality.” And, of course (the rapier wit next takes my breath away) the ship is called the “Global Warming Theory.” Ho ho! How very droll.

It’s so fresh and original, too – it’s the first riff on this tired and hackneyed “joke” for about a week. Yep, every time it snows the climate-change deniers crawl out of the woodwork to say that the existence of cold and snow is proof positive that “global warming” is all poppycock.

A few days later, The News published a cartoon that offered an opposing viewpoint. You probably saw it – a caricature of a climate-change denier insisting there’s nothing to worry about.

Interestingly enough, you can usually tell where someone stands on this by the words she chooses (for instance, Benson and her use of “global warming” as opposed to “climate change”). Global warming as a hypothesis is dead, save among the deniers; but there are enough of those to ensure that it will have a very long half-life. We’ll be hearing a lot about this discredited notion for years.

In the meantime, climate change is what we’re dealing with – summer-like temperatures one day, blinding blizzards the next. Searing summers, fearsome winters. And it’s going to get worse, not better. Brace yourselves for the future. But on the other hand, as long as we have ostriches like Benson (and George Will and Charles Krauthammer) around, why worry?

Charlie Hahn


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