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Old faces on Channel 2, another station for old shows

This is what I’m thinking:

• I think the musical theme of Channel 2 News should be changed from “This is Home” to “This is Home Again.”

The recent addition of investigative reporter Steve Brown means at least six of the station’s news department staffers have either returned to Channel 2 or Western New York after working elsewhere.

The list includes John Beard, Kevin O’Connell, Maria Genero, Scott Brown and Pete Gallivan and now Steve Brown. Gallivan had the shortest time away – a few months working in the Cuomo administration.

• The good old days of television certainly are visible in Western New York. If and when the new low power station WBYZ arrives here, the area will be overwhelmed by networks that carry old TV series. WBBZ carries Me TV, Channel 2’s digital channel 2.3 carries Antenna TV and WBYZ plans to carry Retro TV.

• I recently received a shirt from Fox promoting the new series “Rake” premiering Thursday that stars Greg Kinnear as a bad boy lawyer and thought about sending it over to Channel 2 anchor Maryalice Demler. On the front of the shirt is the expression that she used in her infamous tweet with Rob Ford: “Don’t Judge.”

• I’m no grammarian, but I wish someone in the Buffalo Sabres production department would tell analyst Rob Ray the difference between using went and gone. I’ve gone a little crazy listening to Ray mangle the English language. It drives me crazier than watching the Sabres. When I made that suggestion on Twitter, I was advised that Ray wouldn’t listen to any grammar lessons anyway.

• Channel 4 General Manager Rene LaSpina confirmed that the station has bought the rights to the new talk show premiering next fall starring Meredith Vieira. Vieira will be battling the former “Today” host syndicated jinx. Jane Pauley’s and Katie Couric’s expensive talk shows both flopped.

• I am happy that there will be a third season of HBO’s “The Newsroom” but sad that it is going to be the final one. I guess multitalented creator Aaron Sorkin has better things to do. A three-season run on HBO is about equal to one broadcast network TV season. Three years on HBO also isn’t much of a run, but nobody can say the pay-network is trying to milk the series as broadcast networks do with popular series. I mean it looks like “Bones” is getting a 10th season from Fox.

• Advertising agencies are known to worry about having controversial figures doing the voice work or being involved in any way with commercials for their clients. That has made a few people ask me why any advertiser would want WBEN’s Tom Bauerle as its spokesman even if he does have a terrific voice. I haven’t a clue why.

• With weather on the 1s on Time Warner Cable News and weather on the 5s on StormTeam 2’s WeatherNation on digital channel 2.2, it is pretty easy finding out what it is like outside. Or you can just go outside and find out.

• I am not sure that I’ve seen a stranger, more embarrassing interview in some time than the one Channel 2 reporter Kelly Dudzik did Monday with the former chief of staff of disgraced former Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak. Adam Locher, the former chief of staff, sat next to his attorney, and had scripted answers to Dudzik’s scripted questions.

At least three times during the interview about what Locher did when female aides came to him with allegations about sexual harassment, Locher started his answers with the words, “I want to make clear” before pretty much avoiding Dudzik’s initial question.

It was embarrassing. But not only for Locher, who looked like a robot defending himself and using the excuse he hadn’t been suitably trained as a manager to deal with sexual harassment policy.

I want to make it clear that Dudzik should have been embarrassed, too. She seemed to be as robotic and as scripted as Locher was during the interview. She never followed up or interrupted Locher. Better yet, she should have told him at some point “to please answer my question directly.”

After all, it shouldn’t only be about “asking the tough questions.” It also should be about listening to see if you get answers to determine if you should follow up with another question.

• I caught Channel 2’s “Sunday Sports Extra” last week because the NFL season is over and it didn’t start after midnight. I have a couple of questions: Why in the world isn’t it live so the station wouldn’t have to run a crawl updating the status of a Buffalo Sabre? And why do you need a social network expert when the show isn’t live and people on Facebook and Twitter can’t interact in real time?

I think I figured out the answer to the second question: The program needs a social network element to showcase Lydia Dominick and have a female in the cast. I feel for her since she has less to do than sideline reporters at NFL games.

• Speaking of sideline reporters, am I the only one who thought that CBS’ Allie LaForce looks a lot like superstar skier Lindsey Vonn when watching Allie work analyst Dan Dierdorf’s last game last week? A former (surprise, surprise) Miss Teen USA, LaForce did such a good job on the sidelines that I fear for the sideline playoff future of Steve Tasker.

Speaking of Dierdorf, it was sad to see him make such a colossal blunder in his final game when he thought a New England Patriot punter should have fallen on a ball at his own 2-yard line and risk having Indianapolis score a touchdown rather than a safety. Worse, Dierdorf didn’t even admit his mistake when he had the chance to do so.

• It is nice to hear former St. Bonaventure basketball Coach Jim Satalin as the radio analyst for Syracuse University basketball games carried on WWKB radio. Way back when I covered local college basketball, Satalin’s Bona teams were big rivals with Syracuse. The rivalry ended when Syracuse got into the Big East and Bona didn’t. Some Bona fans might question Satalin’s loyalty, but he is a Syracuse native and knows his stuff.

• It looks like Bruce Springsteen was a big draw locally for “The Good Wife.” With some tunes from his new album showcased, last Sunday’s episode had a higher than usual rating on Channel 4 opposite The Golden Globes. Well, actually I wouldn’t say Springsteen’s songs actually were showcased. They were so far in the background you could hardly hear them.

• All right, all right, most national critics are in love with the new HBO series “True Detective” starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and last Sunday’s premiere had a decent-sized audience. I didn’t love it so much. I liked the mood and vibe of the series and the performances of the stars, but wonder if the show’s pace and the difficulty of hearing some of the dialogue and following the story will drive viewers away. I’ve previewed tonight’s second episode and it is slightly easier to follow. I still have trouble understanding what McConaughey is saying.

• Finally, I have one question concerning Mo Rocca’s plan to find three “cool” Western New Yorkers to sample chicken wings for a feature he plans on doing for CBS on Super Bowl Sunday: Who over 30 or 35 still thinks eating chicken wings is cool? I’m not sure any doctor would advise a patient over 35 to eat wings even for 15 minutes of fame on national television. But that’s just me.

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