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Relish your lunch hour but not at your desk

Calling it a “lunch break” is overstating it for many American workers. The midday meal is more distraction than destination for most people, according to a recent survey from Office Team.

Almost half of the respondents – 48 percent – said their lunch break lasted less than 30 minutes. Even those who took longer were not usually lingering over their burgers or salads. While 42 percent said they socialized with coworkers, 29 percent just kept working.

Others may just look like they are working, since 27 percent said they used the time to surf the Web and check social media. Also, 25 percent said they ran errands at lunchtime, or caught up on personal phone calls and email.

And finally, 18 percent use the break to take a walk or exercise.

The purpose of the survey is to reinforce the importance, mentally and physically, for workers to take occasional breaks during the work day.

On the “Do” list: Leave your desk or work station, socialize, take a walk, and eat food that is good for you.

The “Don’ts” list: Eat alone or work through lunch.

And yes, the report says it is OK to do errands at lunch, especially if it eases your stress when you go home.

Office Team is a staffing service for administrative professionals.


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