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Calling all ‘cool’ people: CBS correspondent Mo Rocca issues Buffalo casting call

Attention, cool people of Buffalo: Mo Rocca wants to eat wings with you on national TV.

For real.

In a Twitter dispatch this week, the quirky correspondent for “CBS Sunday Morning” and former “Daily Show” mainstay issued a casting call of sorts for an upcoming segment on chicken wings timed to the upcoming Super Bowl: “Who’s the coolest person who lives in Buffalo?” he asked.

To which the cool people of Buffalo responded en masse: “Pick me! Pick me!”

Rocca’s modest request elicited an almost instantaneous deluge of responses, pitches and suggestions of every stripe. They ranged from big-name celebs such as former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly or Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls to a guy named Jarod, whose hobbies include “theoretical physics, religion and computer development.”

In a phone interview Tuesday, Rocca said he had narrowed down his selection to a trio of likely candidates and a pair of shooting locations. While he didn’t specifically name his potential wingmen or wingwomen, he gave a few strong hints. Really, REALLY strong hints.

“I’ll say this: We struggled. Should we go with a football player? Should we go with a legendary local lounge performer? Should we go with a civic booster/clean energy activist? In the end, we decided, it’s Buffalo, why don’t we just do a giant combo platter with all of them?”

After 12 hours of tweets, Rocca said he now feels like an expert on Buffalo personalities.

“At this point after the tsunami, or I should say blizzard, of tweets of the last 12 hours, I think I could find work as a casting director for Real People of Buffalo Casting Associates,” he said. “I feel like the gaping hole in my life has now been filled with Buffalove.”

While in town, Rocca, a presidential history buff who has profiled more than a dozen former U.S. presidents for “CBS Sunday Morning,” also will be working on a story about Millard Fillmore and his East Aurora house.

Rocca said his segment on Buffalo’s most famous delicacy is expected to air in advance of the Feb. 2 Super Bowl as part of a package on indigestion-causing Super Bowl foods, and his Millard Fillmore story will run closer to Presidents Day, on Feb. 17.


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