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Water meter installation mandatory for Silver Creek residents

SILVER CREEK – Residents of the village will be reminded that installation of new water meters is mandatory.

Mayor Nick Piccolo announced Monday that some residents are refusing to allow crew members into their homes to connect new meters.

He said that it is mandatory that the new meters be installed. The change in meters is part of the village’s overall water improvement project.

Meters are installed at no cost to residents. Piccolo said the village board may have to look at shutting off the water supply to homes where the installation crew is refused access.

About 600 meters have been installed so far. About 500 more home installations need to be scheduled. All homeowners or tenants should have received cards in the mail from A-line Co.

They try to schedule installations at the convenience of the residents.

In another matter, a resignation from Paul Fisher, who was hired to work part time as the water treatment plant operator, was tabled. The mayor said one of the village employees is preparing to take the operator’s test, and he hopes for a successful outcome soon.

During the workshop session the mayor said he will not consider investing more money in the property on Main Street that was the former Silver Creek High School. He said that STEL Inc. of Dunkirk had requested a fence be installed on the property.

The mayor said that since the property has not been developed and no formal plans are in place, he will pursue demolition of the building.

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