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Bauerle tells listeners he is ‘mentally fit’ to be on the air

WBEN talk show host Tom Bauerle took to the airwaves during his usual time slot Monday, reiterating to listeners that he has “been under a lot of physical duress” and underscoring that he will continue as host of the station’s afternoon talk show.

Bauerle alluded to a “certain article in a certain newspaper,” obviously referring to a Sunday story in The Buffalo News indicating he has been a frequent subject of attention by the Amherst Police Department in recent weeks as he complained of alleged spying by operatives of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

“It’s been no secret that I have been under a lot of physical duress and situations over the course of the past year or so,” he said. “As I said on Friday, I have dealt with a great deal of exhaustion.”

But the radio host insisted that he had already informed his audience of the stressful situations confronting him, and that he had declined the offer of WBEN management to take time off because “there is no place I would rather be than behind the microphone today.”

“I am clinically and mentally fit,” he said. “I’m cleared to be here. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

“I’m here because cowards run; I stand up,” he added. “I’m here because my employers have been 100 percent behind me.”

Bauerle, 50, specifically mentioned ailments such as chronic fluid on the brain, the installation of a pacemaker, a food-borne illness he said he contracted during a recent Dominican Republic vacation, and chronic pain stemming from crushed vertebrae he suffered in an auto accident.

The News reported Sunday that the veteran radio personality reported to police on Jan. 8 that Cuomo operatives were spying on him from his backyard, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the situation.

One source told The News that Amherst police were summoned to Bauerle’s Columbia Drive home 13 times since Nov. 18, mostly by neighbors. And neighbors convened a meeting on Jan. 5 because of concerns over Bauerle’s well-being.

Though The News filed a Freedom of Information request regarding the 2:50 a.m. incident on Jan. 8, Amherst Town Attorney Thomas E. Jones issued a denial letter Monday.

“No crimes or arrests are reported,” Jones said. “The records do contain medical and other personal information concerning the subject. It is our opinion that the release of the report would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy as defined by the Public Officers Law.”

The radio host was absent from the airwaves for two afternoons last week following his report of Cuomo spies in his backyard, telling listeners upon his Friday return that he had been “very, very exhausted” and took off two days to “get my head back in the game.”

Bauerle has been critical of the governor and the NY SAFE Act, which imposes new restrictions on gun ownership.

The News also reported on Sunday that two law enforcement sources said Bauerle voluntarily submitted to a psychiatric evaluation at Erie County Medical Center after police relayed their concerns about him to Crisis Services.

“He’s out there searching his yard with a loaded gun,” one law enforcement official said. From a police standpoint, “that is a cause for concern.”

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